Funk Volume.

Anonymous asked: Would you like to meet eminem? And if so make a track together?

i guess man lol

Anonymous asked: hopsin i really hope that one day you colab on a song with eminem that would be tha shit, well ima keep listening to ur shit no matter what, so do your thang


Anonymous asked: Do you fuck with Danny Brown?

I like his gap

nicoleromerooo asked: I love your music I listen to it everyday and it would mean the world to me if Knock madness would be released a month before on my birthday Oct. 26. I plan on that being the 1st album I'll actually buy . I support Funk Volume .

Thank You

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on childish Gambino? And Action Bronson?

Action Bronson sounds like Ghost Face Killah, Gambino gets props for being true to himself

Anonymous asked: Like him or hate him you can't deny the skill of Earl Sweatshirt. What's your opinion on him?

Sounds like MF Doom